The least I can do


Yesterday I had a bad day. I was exhausted, overwhelmed grumpy, cold and generally irritated with everything. The wool sock campaign all seemed too much, life seemed too much…AND I have to start my tax return, especially as I’m going to Calais at the end of the month.

I needed help to move out of that space. And it came, not in the way I had expected because it seldom does, but it came in the guise of an incredibly moving piece of writing by my friend Alexa, who wrote about her day at the Dunkirk refugee camp.

By the second paragraph I was in tears, by the end I was simultaneously weeping and utterly determined to do all I can to contribute to changing a world where this is possible

Dunkirk is the ‘forgotten’ refugee camp, where most aid or infrastructure is prevented from entering the camp by French police. In the wind and rain, tents are being blown down, families are living in utterly desperate squalor and cold, with no way of heating anything, even a cup of water. Whilst her account brought me to tears, it made me equally determined to do anything I can personally do to help in any way. If its wool socks, then its wool socks, if it’s taking simple home made remedies to help people’s health, then so be it. If it’s raising awareness of the desperate situation..then I’ll do that. If it’s campaigning against war and praying for peace, I’ll do that.

There’s always something I can do. There’s always something anyone can do. Even opening a conversation with someone about the situation raises awareness.

For now, I’m collecting woollen socks and booking my ferry ticket

It’s the least I can do.

Will you help?


Wool, wool wool


It’s all about wool.

No, actually, it’s all about refugees.

Well actually both.

It’s really hard to imagine what it’s like to be stuck in a cold tent or shack, in a sea of mud, in January, in a sea of thousands of others who all have their tales of horror and trauma to tell. With no hope of anything changing anytime soon.

Socks may not seem such a big thing. And they’re not. But…it’s often the little things that make a difference. And from small acts of kindness, and small changes, other things flow.

kids socks

I have always suffered from cold feet….and I was born in England, I’m used to being cold. Many people, babies, women men and children who have had to flee their homes with nothing….are not used to having cold feet, that bone chilling feeling when the rain and mud are relentless and you just can’t keep warm . That’s partly what led us to start this campaign.

Wool does keep feet warm . Pure 100% wool for babies is great, a little nylon or polyester in the blend good for more active people in shoes as it doesn’t wear into holes as easily.

Knitting Supplies? I don’t know about you, but I find knitting…or creating with my hands immensely satisfying and therepeutic. Plus, there’s a useful warm item of clothing at the end of it. We urgently need balls of wool and knitting needles so that we can run workshops for refugees to knit their own hats, scarves and mittens….maybe even socks!!!! Please see the about page for more specific details of how to donate. A paypal donate button should be up and running in the next few days for those who would rather let us do the buying.


Thanks so much for stopping by…. More to follow soon!!!